Kids and Couches

Last week, my sister texted me this photo:


Apparently, the older girls “couldn’t find any paper” and chose the leather chair in the living room as the next best medium to express their artistry. I have to admit, I had a pretty good laugh over this. And then, the very next day, I got served a big ol’ steaming plate of karma when Mark walked into our living room and discovered this on our microfibre couch:


Suddenly, kids drawing on living room furniture was no longer quite as amusing. Sigh. Charlotte was very contrite when confronted about her “artwork” though she couldn’t offer an explanation as to why she did it, other than “I just wanted to.”

Thankfully, a quick Google search told me how to remove the offending marks- gently apply rubbing alcohol to the stains. It worked, though it took quite a bit of time and rubbing alcohol to get rid of it. What on earth did people do before Google? Look through back issues of Good Housekeeping at the library until you found a relevant article on stain removal? My god, I would rather buy a new couch than do that.

Anyhow, as Pa would say, “Alls well that end well.” The marker and ink stains are gone from the couch and I’m pretty sure Charlotte won’t be drawing on anything other than paper for the forseeable future.


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