Turning the Corner

Well, it’s been quite a week. The time period between Wednesday afternoon and Thursday afternoon was a tough one. Penelope seemed to be having a lot of abdominal pain anytime anything went through the G tube and was still pooping up a storm. I felt very discouraged and frustrated- it felt like we would never get home. And to top it all off, the cough and cold I have been dealing with all week morphed into a painful ear infection. 

But then yesterday afternoon, it all started to turn around. Penelope started tolerating small amounts of formula. The stools started to taper off. Our nanny came to the hospital to stay with Penelope and I was able to get my ear checked and some antibiotics and had dinner at home with Mark and Charlotte. And this morning, there is a sparkle back in Penelope’s eyes that I haven’t seen all week. 


So if this trend continues (PLEASE let it continue), she could get discharged Saturday or Sunday. And life could get back to normal again. 


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