Ugghhhh. I hate keeping track of THINGS. Random items that are not needed on a regular basis. Items that will be at my fingertips whenever I don’t need them, but that will disappear when they are required. Like Charlotte’s splash pants. All winter long, they have been loitering in our front hall. Charlotte BEGGED me to wear them pretty much every day in February, but when the temperature is minus 20C, it is most definitely snow pants weather. And now that we are in prime splash pants weather (slightly warmer, snow melted, lots of mud everywhere), they are nowhere to be found. I almost had a rage aneurysm the other morning when I couldn’t find them in those chaotic moments as we were trying to get out the door to get to school. I still haven’t found them. I’m sure that when the weather turns to summer and splash pants are once again useless to me (and she has grown out of them), Charlotte will pull them out of some dark corner of the house and plead to wear them, while I frantically search for a pair of sandals that fit her and a sun hat.

IMG_7705I have tried to be a more organized person, but with our busy family life and work, it just never seems to stick. I think I need a fairy godmother to come to my house and just organize everything for me. Anyone up for that task? Anyone at all? No? Sigh. I sense more rage aneurysms may be in my future.


3 thoughts on “Things

    • I know, right? I am staring at Charlotte’s ballet shoes right now, but I’m sure come Saturday morning, when it’s time for dance class, they will be nowhere to be found!

  1. Splash pants seem to have a special ability to do this! Other things as well, but splash pants have thwarted me a surprising amount of times in Raine’s brief 6 years (two of which she didn’t really need or wear snowpants)

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