Kindergarten Chronicles

As hard as it may be to believe, we are about halfway through the school year. Charlotte’s months in kindergarten have provided us with an endless source of entertainment (and stacks upon stacks of “artwork”). Some highlights:

  1. Charlotte’s class has a bunch of activity centres, which the kids rotate through during the school day. Charlotte’s fantasy is to go to school at night or on the weekend, when there is no one else there, and have all the centres to herself. You should see the gleam in her eye as she contemplates this possibility. I am afraid that I will get a phone in the middle of night from the police, saying my four-year-old has been caught trying to break into the school.
  2. One of these centres involves a letter-writing activity, and is immensely popular. Charlotte comes home with letters her friends have written to her, letters she has written to herself, and letters she has made for us. Initially, the letters were rolled up and sealed with a sticker, like a medieval scroll, and then a thoughtful parent donated some envelopes to the class, and so now the letters are properly sealed and presented in a sticker-covered envelope. There is one problem, though: Charlotte puts so much effort into decorating the envelope that she gets very upset whenever we try to open a letter because it ruins the artistry of said envelope. So now I have stacks of unopened letters from Charlotte piling up all over the place.

    Mail call!

    Mail call!

  3. It has become clear that the currency among the kindergarten set is the birthday party invitation. Every day, Charlotte comes home and tells me who is and who is not invited to her birthday party. Which is six months away. She makes lists of who she wants to invite, and the list changes daily. As well, she tells me about how so-and-so said that she couldn’t come to THEIR birthday party so she isn’t going to invite them to HER party. This list also changes daily. God help me when it actually is time for her birthday party and I have to figure out the guest list.
  4. Just this past week, we received a notice from the school that someone in Charlotte’s class has lice. I immediately started hyperventilating and scratching my head. I live in fear of discovering lice in Charlotte’s hair, because the word on the internet is that modern lice are very difficult to eradicate. They have become resistant to all the treatments that worked back when we were kids. On Wednesday, I combed coconut oil through Charlotte’s hair and put it braids, because I’ve heard that lice don’t like greasy hair. I gave her strict instructions not to share her hat with anyone or to wear anyone else’s hat. I briefly considered whether or not I was overreacting to the threat of lice, but decided that I was not. An overreaction would be what I initially wanted to do upon receiving that notice, which was to shave Charlotte’s head and my head in order to prevent an infestation.

    Sporting the greasy locks, lice-repelling (hopefully) look

    Sporting the greasy locks, lice-repelling (hopefully) look

We are coming up to report card time, after which we will have an interview with the teacher to discuss how Charlotte is doing in class, and I’m not too worried about it. I mean, it’s junior kindergarten- what is there to say? As long as she’s not trying to set the classroom on fire or eating glue (and I hope that we would have already been notified about such troubling behaviour), then I’d say she’s doing just fine. Although, maybe her painting skills could use a little work- what do you think?

Is it just me, or do I look like a mailbox here?

This is titled, “My Mommy.” Now, is it just me, or do I look like a mailbox here?

Ok. the colours are reminiscent of a corn farm, but that's really the best I can say about this painting

Ok. the colours ARE reminiscent of a corn farm, but that’s really the best I can say about this painting

I'm sorry, but this in no way resembles a mitten. If I squint, I can see a baby stroller or a chicken

I’m sorry, but this in no way resembles a mitten. If I squint, I can see a baby stroller or maybe a chicken.

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3 thoughts on “Kindergarten Chronicles

  1. Hi Julie,
    This post is a keeper … I hope you archive so Charlotte can read about her time in kingergarten when she grows up 🙂 I loved all the stories but the “lice” story hit a familiar chord … you had the same reaction as I used to have when my children were small and a note would come home from school about head lice. And since Charlotte loves to write letters, could I make a suggestion … seniors love to receive letters so maybe Charlotte could write a letter once in awhile to her great-grandmothers??? For my sister Ruth, tell Charlotte to write in BIG letters LOL. I know your great-grandmother kept all the notes that my kids sent her when they were small. I came across them when we were selling her house. I was big on writing thank you notes and letters back then LOL. And BTW I think Charlotte’s paintings are very inspired.
    Love, Aunt Barb ♥

  2. I don’t have facebook but I still want you to know that I like your blog. I usually catch up on the weekends. This one is quite good. I am afraid that Charlotte may have inherited my lack of artistic talent.

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