A Good Start

Well, November is over. It’s a new month, and a new week. Everyone in our household is currently in reasonably good health, so I think we are off to a good start (Am I tempting fate here? Maybe I should delete that. No, no, I’m leaving it, I refuse to be superstitious, I am adopting a positive attitude!). And today is an important day around here- Penelope is getting fitted for a pediatric stander, so I really need to stay positive and for things to go smoothly. I think perhaps a breakdown is in order of all the reasons I should be encouraged right now:

  1. All family members are currently sustaining body temperatures around the 37C mark. My thermometer is getting a much-needed rest.
  2. After a round of antibiotics (actually, two rounds for me), and a round of flu vaccines, I am pretty sure we are on the verge of becoming super-healthy germ-fighting ninjas.
  3. Our Christmas photo has been taken and Christmas cards printed out, a painful ordeal that I am all-too-glad is now behind me.
  4. My annual outing to the One of a Kind show with my sister, previously cancelled due to the strep throat outbreak, has been (tentatively) rescheduled. Delicious free samples and gorgeous handmade items, here I come!
  5. I finally made it to the gym for the first time in over a week, and it felt great. I expected to feel sluggish and out of place for that first workout, but I actually felt surprisingly good, and I’ve got that momentum again.
  6. It’s December! We can break out those Advent calendars and enjoy the Christmas season.
  7. I avoided having to call an appliance repair person by fixing the washing machine MYSELF. I was doing laundry yesterday (when am I not doing laundry? There is a load going right now as I’m writing this) and the machine started beeping ominously and flashing an error message. After some internet research, and a lot of fiddling around with the drain pipe, I got it working again. I was so psyched that I started doing a happy dance, singing, “I am the best! I totally rock!” Mark may think I have lost my mind.
  8. We had a very enjoyable visit over the weekend with my grandparents, my dad and his wife, and my sister’s family. Their physical health has declined to the point where they are simply not able to get out to visit us, so it was fantastic that we were able to work out the timing so the whole family could be there.
  9. This face has disappeared: IMG_6206-0
  10. And has been replaced by this: IMG_6214-0

So how can I not be positive? I mean, sure, this was my first time using the numbered list feature on WordPress and I somehow suddenly caused the list items to randomly re-order themselves, requiring some painstaking copying and pasting, but am I going to take that as an omen? No way. I am turning over a new leaf. This month, everything is coming up Julie!


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