A Night Off

I was bad last night. I skipped my workout, even though it was my regular night to go. Normally, on Thursday evenings, I go to the BodyPump class at my local GoodLife Fitness branch. But last night, Mark was sick (the Man Cold has returned, worse than ever. He’s convinced he’s on the verge of death) and by the time I got both girls to bed, I was far too late for my class, I was exhausted, and I did not have it in me to head out into the cold night to do a regular workout. Hopefully, Mark will be well enough this evening to take care of bedtime and I will be able to get in a workout at a more reasonable hour.

At first, I felt really guilty about skipping the gym. But I reminded myself that there have been several moments lately where, despite feeling stressed or sad or sick, I worked out anyway. And so I gave myself a pass. Taking a night off from the gym will not derail my healthy lifestyle initiative, but being too hard on myself will- there’s nothing like feeling guilty and like a failure to send me straight to McDonald’s for some empty-calorie comfort. So I relaxed, put on some cozy jammies, and watched some Property Brothers episodes on Netflix. And now I feel refreshed, relaxed, and more than ready to head to the gym at the earliest possible opportunity.

I encourage everyone to take a night off now and then- whether it’s a night off from the gym or giving the kids a bath or folding laundry or whatever- just give yourself permission to relax. Unless it’s something that has a set deadline, your task will be waiting for you to do it tomorrow, and with some recharged batteries, you will be better equipped to face it.

So that’s my nugget of wisdom for the day. Oh, and here’s another one: when faced with the deadly Man Cold, practice your poker face so that you don’t burst out laughing when the patient says, “I can’t believe how terrible I feel. I’ve never been this sick before.” He says that EVERY TIME he’s sick. But I do feel kinda bad for laughing.

"My mommy is so wise. And my daddy is so silly."

“My mommy is so wise. And my daddy is so silly.”


4 thoughts on “A Night Off

    • Oh yeah, so dramatic! And of course, now he’s passed his illness on to me, but there’s certainly no laying in bed for three days straight for me. Honestly, I don’t know how men got the reputation for being the tougher sex!

  1. Oh Julie … Uncle John would get a laugh out of your description of a “man-cold” because that describes me to a tee. I do not do “sick” very well. I am a drama queen and Uncle John has to wait on me hand and foot. When he is sick, he just keeps on ticking … and I hand him a to-do-list. Hope Mark feels better soon …. and Mark … I feel for you. It just sucks to be sick 😉 ….

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