Yesterday, the weather was cold and gloomy. I even saw some snowflakes falling. So what did Penelope and I do? Why, we went swimming, of course!

There is a community centre about five minutes from our house, and it has a fantastic baby pool. I’ve been meaning to take Penelope for ages now, but with our busy schedule of late, I just haven’t found the time. Finally, on Thursday, we had a day free of appointments, so I checked the swim schedule, and there was a drop-in swim block for kids from 0900-1100- perfect!

The first step in our swimming journey was to pack. From the size of the bag I prepared, you would have thought that I had decided to fly to Mexico to go swimming there. I had towels, two changes of clothes for Penelope, diapers, cloths, flip-flops for me, the most adorable little bathrobe for Penelope, and a plastic bag to put all our wet things in afterward.

Seriously, how cute is that?!

Seriously, how cute is that?!

Up next was the task of getting Penelope ready. I decided to put her in her swim diaper and wetsuit at home to so I wouldn’t have to fuss with doing that in the pool change room. Normally, by this time of day, Penelope will have already done her first poop. Yesterday, of course, it hadn’t happened yet. I was a bit nervous about this- the thought of changing a swim diaper filled with poop did not appeal to me, but I threw caution to the wind, and we went anyway. I wrestled her into her little fleece-lined wetsuit, and then into her snowsuit, and then into her carseat, and we were off like a herd of turtles, as my grandfather would say.

At the community centre, we made our way into the change room, where we stripped down to our swimsuits, and then headed to the baby pool. It was lovely. The water was warm, and Penelope was fascinated by these unfamiliar surroundings. I thought she would be more interested in splashing- she tends to splash a lot in the bathtub, but she was calm and still. She didn’t cry once. Every once in awhile, her face would break out in a huge smile, and she would babble happily.

Pre-swim selfie (does everyone always think they look weird in selfies? Perhaps I just haven't mastered the art of the selfie yet)

Pre-swim selfie (does everyone always think they look weird in selfies? Perhaps I just haven’t mastered the art of the selfie yet)

I have been noticing more and more tightness in her muscles lately, and I thought that the warm water would have a relaxing effect on her, but she remained pretty tight the whole time. I don’t know, maybe she just needs to get used to the pool, and then she will be more relaxed? At any rate, it was certainly an enjoyable experience, and I will definitely be taking her again.

Oh, and like the good little baby that she is, she waited til we got home to do a massive poop. Thank god- dealing with that mess in a public pool change room would likely have been enough to turn me off swimming for good.



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