Mealtime Madness

Oh. My. God. Dinner last night with Charlotte. It was…hmm, how best to describe it? Frustrating. Exasperating. Infuriating. Maddening. You see, I feel that her diet could do with a little more variation and so I have been making her meals that consist of something other than chicken fingers or fish sticks. Last night, I made her quesadillas. I mean, seriously, a kid’s quesadilla is one of the most inoffensive foods there is. It is cheese melted between two tortillas. And, yes, I snuck a little butternut squash puree in there too, but come on- butternut squash has only a mildly sweet flavour, and you absolutely could not detect it. I tried these quesadillas- they were delicious. But you would have thought I was trying to poison her given her attempts to avoid eating it.

“I have to go to the bathroom!” (I swear, she summoned that poop out of her intestines just to delay having to eat her dinner).

“I’m tired.”

“I have a tummy ache.”

“I’m full.”


Unfortunately for Charlotte, I was not buying any of these excuses (I did allow her to go to the bathroom, though- that’s not something I’m willing to risk calling her bluff on). And so we sat at the dinner table for over an hour, while she nibbled away at her meal, bite after excruciatingly tiny bite. Now, I am not someone who believes in forcing kids to eat every last bite of every meal they are served. If they are truly too tired or too full or if they genuinely don’t like something and they are gagging or refusing to swallow, then I have no problem calling it quits with the meal. But in this case, I knew that Charlotte’s problem with the quesadilla was only that it was unfamiliar. And if I had any hope of expanding her diet, I had to see her eat the whole thing.

And she did eat it all. Around about minute 58 of her meal, she could tell how unhappy I was with her antics, so she sidled over to me and started massaging my shoulders. “This will make you feel better, Mommy.” Charming little bugger. How am I supposed to stay stern and poker-faced when she does that? Of course, I burst out laughing and she crawled onto my lap and ate the last few bites snuggled up in my arms.

So all’s well that ends well, I guess. I’m just glad tonight I have my BodyPump class to go to and I will get to avoid all that mealtime madness.


3 thoughts on “Mealtime Madness

  1. Oh the kids, they make you climb a wall and then the next moment you wanna hug them forever. Loved the post. Had to smile a little sorry, know the frustrations.

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