Well, it seems like the weather has officially turned to autumn. There is a chill in the air most mornings, and getting out of bed has become quite the challenge for me, since it is still pitch black outside when my alarm goes off. A couple times this past week, I was convinced that I had somehow set my alarm wrong, and that it was actually 3am and not 6:20am. Unfortunately, I had set it correctly, and it is just very dark and quiet in the morning now.

This change of season means that it is time for a household task that I do not enjoy doing: putting away the summer clothes and getting out the fall/winter items. I find it tedious and time-consuming (not to much depressing that summer is over and I have months of snow and ice ahead of me) and I try to put it off as long as I can. But over the weekend I realized that Charlotte doesn’t have any jeans that fit and Penelope’s drawers are stuffed with rompers and sundresses that just can’t be worn anymore. Doing Charlotte’s drawers isn’t so bad- I just had to assess what she needed for fall and winter and go out and get it. And then wash them and put them away. And pull all the summer/too small items out of her drawers and find a place to keep them so they will be ready for Penelope to wear in 3-5 years. So yes, still tedious and time-consuming but at least I get to go shopping and I don’t have to drag clothes out of storage like I do with Penelope.

Oh, adorable summer clothes, how I will miss you!

Oh, adorable summer clothes, how I will miss you!

Possibly the worst part of this task is trying to find Charlotte’s old clothes that will fit Penelope. Back when Charlotte started outgrowing things and I put her clothes away for possible future use by another child, I foolishly thought, “Oh, I will remember where I put this stuff! I don’t need to label these boxes!” Meanwhile, my brain is like Swiss cheese now and I can barely remember my address most days, let alone where I put a box of warm baby clothes, sizes 12-24 months, three years ago. Plus, we live in an old house that does not have much storage- any closets we do have are jam-packed with stuff. Because, you know, it’s super-important for Mark to hang on to his notes and textbooks from university that he hasn’t looked at in over ten years. But I digress. The point is, I didn’t label anything and now every time I have to find Charlotte’s baby clothes for Penelope to wear, I have to wade through boxes and boxes in cramped spaces to try to find what I need. So yeah, I do not enjoy this task.




Oh well, at least I can enjoy how cute the girls look in their fall outfits. And since I have been losing weight, I can pull out some of my stored clothes that were too small for me to wear last year, so it’s kind of like I get to go shopping for myself. Just watch, though- I will finally get all the summer clothes stored away and then we will have an unseasonably warm spell and it will be like 25 degrees outside and no one will have anything to wear. So when it’s really hot out one day in the next couple weeks, you know who to thank. You’re welcome.


3 thoughts on “Autumn

  1. Penelope looks like she is getting to get off the couch and walk across the room. She is sitting up so well. She looks older in those clothes. Still enjoying your blog Julie! Nice to see what all is going on in your world. Well,except for all the poop at school, that is. Haha.

  2. I know the feeling Julie. And it’s just me I have to organize for fall. My fall/winter things are stored in the basement so it’s up and down the stairs with loads. I always say I’m getting rid of most of it when I have to make these trips. It’s nice though to get some new things for the girls and yourself. Hope you start labeling those boxes though. And no, I don’t think we’ll see 25 again this year, nice thought though!! Your pictures of the girls are so sweet and it’s nice to keep in touch that way.

  3. I feel your pain about Mark’s university books and notes. Jim still has his after 38 yrs. I so enjoy reading your blogs and seeing the pictures of the girls. Thank you.

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