Best Laid Plans

I had planned to write yesterday about how great the class Penelope and I went to on Friday was- and it really was great. She had fun, I had fun, and there was none of that competitive nonsense that I found to be present back when I would take Charlotte to these Parent and Tot-type classes (you know, like parents bragging about how their special snowflake was walking when they were six months old and then asking innocently about your baby’s development). Penelope didn’t even cry until right at the end of the two hour class, which is huge for her- normally, she gets easily overwhelmed in unfamiliar environments, but not this time. So, yes, I definitely classified Friday as a success, and I was looking forward to sitting down and writing all about it.

Penelope in the toy boat at our class

Penelope in the toy boat at our class

Penelope, however, had other plans. She had her first home visit from her physiotherapist yesterday morning. I was expecting this to be a meet-and-greet sort of visit, where she would assess what Penelope’s needs are and come up with a plan of action. Apparently Alice, our physiotherapist, is not a meet-and-greet sort of person. She got right down to business, and it was BRUTAL. Among other things, she had poor little Penelope doing squats to encourage her feet to stay flat on the floor when she is weight-bearing. Penelope screamed and cried the whole time. Which is pretty understandable, really- I want to scream and cry whenever I do squats, too. Looking at her desperately unhappy face, knowing that I am going to have to do these exercises with her, thus being the cause of her unhappiness- well, it was like dealing with the bloody NG tube all over again.

Anyway, after Alice left, Penelope continued to scream and cry for close to an hour, eventually crying herself to sleep on my shoulder. Now, believe me when I say that I would have liked nothing more than to sit there with her sleeping on me for as long as she would stay there. However, my family has a pesky need to eat dinner every night and I had already started preparations earlier and did not want my efforts to go to waste. When I tried to seize that opportunity by laying her down in her crib, she of course woke up crying again. She did eventually calm down in time for her session with Kristen, our occupational therapist, but the calm did not last. Normally, she does pretty well with Kristen’s visits, but she was not happy yesterday. And OF COURSE, she refused to nap when all was said and done. When I started writing this at 2:30pm on Monday afternoon, I was typing with one hand and holding her on my lap because she would not sleep.

Sleeping on my shoulder after physio

Sleeping on my shoulder after physio

Trying to do some writing in the afternoon- note the outfit change- you will note that I had to change my outfit after getting covered in baby goo trying to stop her flood of tears

Trying to do some writing in the afternoon- you will note that I had to change my outfit after getting covered in baby goo trying to stop her flood of tears

Normally, I get things done around the house and do some writing when Penelope is having her formula or when she goes down for a nap in the afternoon. Since I had to hold her to keep her calm while she was getting fed and then deal with her not napping, things did not go smoothly around here. I was stealing moments between bouts of tears to get the vegetables chopped up for the chili I made for dinner or to load some dishes in the dishwasher. I was moving from half-finished task to half-finished task to mopping up tears and it was exhausting. For most of the day, the kitchen looked like a bomb had gone off.

Having Charlotte around always makes Penelope so happy

Having Charlotte around always makes Penelope so happy

Thankfully, having Charlotte home seemed to calm Penelope down, enabling me to get things done in a more orderly (and slightly less stressful) fashion. And then, OF COURSE, Charlotte was goofing around and slipped and fell and bit her tongue hard enough to draw blood, so there were more tears to deal with at that point. I did something then that I don’t normally do- I put on an Octonauts DVD and had her sit quietly on the couch while I finished bathing Penelope and got dinner ready. I also decided then and there that it would be an early bedtime for Penelope. And a glass of wine and early bedtime for me.


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