Today Penelope and I are headed to our first Mom and Baby class. It is a class offered through Holland Bloorview, and I am ridiculously excited about it. It will be the first group that she and I have attended together. When I started my maternity leave, I planned on attending many such classes but things didn’t exactly work out that way. The first year of her life was more or less spent putting out one fire after another, and signing up for a baby group fell to the bottom of the list of priorities. Now, hopefully, things have settled down a bit (I shouldn’t even write that, should I? I’m just asking for trouble here) and we can maybe have a little fun together and work on her developmental and social skills at the same time. Certainly with Charlotte being in school full time, something like this is easier to coordinate.

Anyhow, because of this class, I won’t have time to put up a regular narrative post today. Instead, I am going to do what I did last week, and post some pictures recapping the week. As my wise aunt, Anne Marie, commented last week- a picture is worth a thousand words, so it is actually quite a lengthy post! Have a great weekend, everyone! Well, everyone who doesn’t have little kids, that is- parents of little ones, enjoy getting up at the crack of dawn just like every other day of the week!


Watermelon snack after school

Watermelon snack after school

Chilling in the high chair

Chilling in the high chair


Group selfie before school

Group selfie before school

Practicing her dragon "ROAR" for Halloween

Practicing her dragon “ROAR” for Halloween

My sweet, happy girl

My sweet, happy girl


One thought on “Friday

  1. Finally someone appreciates the wisdom I have to offer. Quite the week you had. No one can ever accuse you of having a boring life.On any typical week I would be hard pressed to write an interesting paragraph, yet you have managed to take us on your journey all week.

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