5k by May?

As I have written about before, this current weight-loss journey that I am on is different from ones in the past. I’m not counting calories or weighing myself. And it’s been working pretty well, so far. I have been staying on track with healthy eating and I make time to go the gym at least 3 times per week. The only drawback to this method is that it lacks a specific goal for me to achieve. And then it hit me the other day when I was at the gym- why not aim to run a 5k race in the spring?

When I got home, I looked up spring races in Toronto, and I think I’ve settled on the 5k option of the Goodlife Fitness Toronto Marathon, on Sunday, May 3, 2015. It seems so far away, but I think that’s actually a good thing. It will give me plenty of time to build up my endurance so that I can actually run 5km, and once I’ve established that endurance, I can work on improving my time.

And while running a 5k race provides me with a needed fitness goal, I also want to do it because I CAN. I don’t mean that in an “Oooh, I am so fit and healthy and I can run as far as I want” kind of way; it’s more that I am young(ish) and healthy and there’s no reason I can’t do something like that. I have seen so many loved ones struggle with health issues- life-threatening issues like cancer; or like my mom, whose congenital heart defect resulted in restrictions on her activity, and ultimately led to her early demise. My own daughter faces potential mobility issues- we don’t know when or if she will be able to walk, and she may have serious difficulties with that. I owe it to them to make the most of my health and my life. I owe it to my family to try and live a long and healthy life, because I am not facing those issues at the moment, and I need to do everything I can to prevent that from happening. I want to see my girls grow up and I want to meet my grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Gotta do this for them

Gotta do this for them

Once upon a time, back when I was seventeen and the absolute picture of health and youth, I took a phys ed class called “Fun Fit for Women” taught by Mr. Glaad. He was a serious runner, and introduced us to the benefits of exercise like running and weight training. By the end of the semester, I could run 5km in 20 minutes, which was a pretty decent time. I don’t know I will be able to achieve that time again, but I really don’t want to wait another sixteen years to give it a try (Jesus Christ, how has it been sixteen years since my grade eleven gym class? I remember making up excuses to get out of the swimming portion of that class like it was yesterday).

So here I go. I’m going to follow the “Couch to 5K” plan, and see what happens. I’m not exactly at “Couch” fitness level right now, but I abhor running, so I figure that’s a pretty good place to start. And just over seven months from now, hopefully I will cross that finish line without humiliating or injuring myself. It shouldn’t be too hard, right?

Yeah, I know- famous last words.


5 thoughts on “5k by May?

  1. Julie – so true about getting out of swim class! Phil and I just took the kids Victoria Rd this past weekend for public swimming and were reminiscing about that! Place has not changed in 16 years either!

    • I wanted to get out of swim class because I didn’t want anyone to see me in a bathing suit. Now, of course, I look back and realize that I was in the best shape of my life back and probably should have just been wearing a bikini all the time. I cannot believe how warped my body image and self esteem was back then!

  2. Julie, after you knew me I actually lost 70lbs and have two children now and did not gain back the weight. I did a simple approach, like yours. I felt I was to young to hide my body and actually wear full coverage bathing suit. Therefore, I told myself I would eat healthy and exercise. I never weighed myself until maybe a year later and I never counted calories. It was all about healthy choices and making myself feel better. It worked, it was a lifestyle change and even after my two girls (2nd child I could not work out during the pregnancy), but a year after her birth am at my pre pregnancy weight. I think this is the best approach, no pressure just want to feel better about yourself. Good Luck!

    • Thanks, Michele! That’s exactly why I think this is working for me- there’s no pressure that comes with weighing myself or counting calories. I’m really hoping that this will be that lifestyle change that will work for me and that will stick. So far, so good!

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