Friday Recap

Penelope’s appointment today went very well. The cardiologist reassured us that her heart appears to be working well. The echo and ECG showed that she has some structural variations but these should not pose a problem for her. She will go back for another echo in two years. So, it was a long (7+ hours at the hospital) and tiring day, but it was great to get this reassurance about her cardiac function.

This is about all I have in me to write this evening. I am drained, and in need of a good night’s sleep to recharge my batteries. So to make up for the lack of meat to this post, please enjoy these pics:




I have to go. My pajamas and my bed are summoning me. Good night!


One thought on “Friday Recap

  1. Great news Julie and since a picture is worth a thousand words this was actually a very long blog. Have a great week, hope you and your pjs and bed got to spend alot of quality time together this weekend.

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