Looking Ahead

This morning, I took a look at our calendar for the next week, and was momentarily taken aback by how much is going on around here in the next week, especially for little Penelope. In no particular order, we have Penelope’s follow-up with the G-tube clinic, where she will get her fancy new low-profile G-tube (right now the one she has is a Cook-Mac Lock, and it protrudes several inches from her belly. She will be switched to a Mickey tube next week, which will rest flush against her skin); an open house/ BBQ at Charlotte’s school, Penelope’s OT appointment, Mark going to the Jays game, a pizza lunch for Charlotte at school, and Penelope’s sedated echo (basically, a detailed ultrasound of her heart, which has to be performed under sedation to get the clearest images). I’m kind of exhausted just thinking about all of that.


Busy week ahead for these two!

Busy week ahead for these two!

The bright side to this busy schedule, however, is that it’s alleviating the guilt I have been feeling over keeping Charlotte at school for lunch this week. This past week there was no real reason for her to stay at school for lunch, other than that we thought it would be better for her (and Penelope and I) in the long run to be able to stay, and so I’ve been feeling guilty every day at lunch time, wondering how she’s doing and if it was the right decision to keep her there. Now, though, I’m glad that she has been staying there this week- she is used to it and comfortable eating at school now, and she wouldn’t have been able to come home for lunch next week anyway, with all of Penelope’s appointments. And now I don’t have to spend next week worrying about how she is adjusting to lunch at school- she has already made that transition and is doing well with it.

So I am officially vanquishing any remaining guilty feelings over keeping Charlotte at school for lunch. While every week won’t be as busy as next week, Penelope will consistently have appointments that will interfere with my ability to pick Charlotte up for lunch. It’s definitely better for Charlotte to just expect to stay at school every day, rather than always asking if she will be staying or coming home. And I can always bring her home once in awhile as special treat.

All right, then- the matter of Charlotte’s lunchtime location is officially closed. On to the next guilt-inducing parenting decision that I will have to make, which is sure to come up. Probably within hours. Any guesses as to what it will be concerning?


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