For the past few months, it has felt like Penelope’s development stalled. She had started rolling over in May and then…nothing. Once she got the G-tube, even the rolling over wasn’t happening a lot because it irritated her to be on her tummy. There were some little things happening, like reaching for and grasping objects a lot more frequently once she had her hands free, but the big thing we were looking for- Penelope being able to sit unsupported- was just not happening. She also hasn’t gained any weight at all since May. This was all very discouraging, and really intensified our worries about what the future would hold for her.

And then all of a sudden, she started doing this:

Look who's sitting!

Look who’s sitting!

She was sitting. And it made me so happy. Now, it’s not perfect- she is pretty wobbly, and will topple over, so I have to be right there with her when she is doing it, but it is a big improvement. She can sit, on her own, long enough for me to snap a few (ok, a lot) of photos with my camera. It’s like she knew how worried we were getting, and did this to say, “Relax! I’m on my own schedule!”

Sitting and playing

Sitting and playing

More sitting

More sitting

That’s not say all my worries have disappeared. She still doesn’t have any consonants, she still has a lot of issues around feeding and weight gain, and she’s clearly significantly behind other babies the same age as her. No one has been able to tell us what her abilities ultimately will be, and that is frustrating and disheartening. But her sitting up is SOMETHING. And I desperately needed something to happen.

Ok, Mom, enough pictures! I get it! You're happy that I'm sitting!

Ok, Mom, enough pictures! I get it! You’re happy that I’m sitting!

I’m so proud of my girl and the progress she has made. I can breathe a little bit easier now, knowing that she has taken a step forward. And I just have to accept that she will do these things in her own time. No amount of worrying or sleepless nights is going to change that.


2 thoughts on “Progress

  1. She is awesome. So happy to be doing something new- this tells me that she will keep learning- she doesn’t figure something out, get scared of it and never do it again- no she thinks ‘hey sitting up’s pretty great and look at me I can topple too!’ Pictures of Penelope always make me smile- she has that something special!

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