Happy Nurse’s Week!

In honour of this week of appreciation for the greatest profession in the world (not that I’m biased or anything), I am dedicating this post to nurses everywhere, and in particular, to the very special group of nurses with whom I work.

When Penelope was hospitalized in March for the insertion of her NG tube, there were no beds available for her at Sick Kids. Some calls were made, and as luck would have it, the pediatric unit at my hospital, the unit where I work, was able to admit her. Those eight days we were in the hospital were not easy, but they were made better by the wonderful group of nurses who looked after us.

To Zuzana, who upon our arrival and admission, made us tea and offered comfort right away- thank you. You immediately saw how tired and overwhelmed I was, and I am so appreciative of your care of Penelope and your efforts to help me.

To Heather B., who was our nurse that first night- thank you for doing the overnight feeds so that I could (attempt) sleep.

To Zoe, who took time to sit with me and and talk and hold Penelope, even though I’m sure she had a busy patient load- thank you for providing me with a sympathetic ear and hugs when I really needed them.

To Donna Jayne, who listened to me and laughed with me- thank you for brightening our stay with your presence.

To Lisa G., who cuddled Penelope and helped me as we struggled with the malfunctioning feeding pump all night long- thank you for laughing with me at a frustrating situation, crying with me as I struggled with what my baby is going through, and for being a great friend.

To Teresa, who knew what it felt like to be on the other side of the nursing station- thank you for empathizing with me.

To Heather S., for always listening to me and providing hugs when I needed them- thank you.

To Donna E., for your amazing skill at securing the NG tube- thank you for teaching me that Tegaderm on top of Duoderm is the way to go.

To Lisa C., who took the time to find a baby tub and helped me to bathe Penelope when I couldn’t stand the smell anymore- thank you for your loving care of my baby.

To Carolyn, who listened to my concerns about Penelope’s stool and advocated for us- thank you for taking me seriously and making sure that others did too.

To Kendra, whose continuous words of encouragement and support have lifted me up when I’ve felt down- thank you.

To Alyssa, who listened to me about my anxieties over Penelope’s health before we even knew there was something wrong- thank you for never making me feel like I was overreacting, thank you for all the help, support and advice you have provided me since Penelope was born, and thank you for being a great friend. You are going to be an amazing nurse practitioner in a few months.

To all of the nurses on the unit- the work you do is so important, and you all do a great job. You treated us so well, and I know it’s not just because you know me- that is how you treat all the patients and their families.

To all of the nurses I know and have encountered in my life- thank you. You are amazing, the work you do is amazing, and I appreciate all that you have done for me, for my family, and for all your patients.

Nurses everywhere provide invaluable care, support, knowledge, and skill to patients and their families. They work through mealtimes and go without bathroom breaks to care for their patients. They miss holidays and family gatherings to be with patients in their time of need. And they often go without the thanks and recognition they deserve for they service they provide. This Nurse’s Week, tell a nurse you know how much they are appreciated. It will mean a lot, and they truly deserve it.

Thank you, nurses, for taking great care of Penelope!

Thank you, nurses, for taking great care of Penelope!


3 thoughts on “Happy Nurse’s Week!

  1. Julie! You are a great mother, nurse and Co worker! Thank you for your kind words! And happy nurses week to u too!

  2. I don’t know you but wanted to say, you are one strong woman!! I know a few of the nurses you mentioned in your post as my wee one spent 2 weeks in the NICU. I would not have made it, if it hadn’t been for a few of them. Penelope is gorgeous and lucky to have you as her mum. 🙂

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